Student Writing


​This module begins by introducing the NEMT driver to the roles and responsibilities of working as a trusted non-emergency medical transportation professional. They will learn about the legal and ethical issues involved in providing these services as well as the importance of communicating effectively with their clients many of whom are elderly or disabled.


Module includes the following segments:

  • Certified Transport Specialist (CTS) Program Overview

  • Cross-Cultural Awareness and Communications for the NEMT Professional

  • NEMT Customer Service for the NEMT Professional

  • Respect for Others - Sexual Harrassment Training

In Good Hands


The NEMTAC Life Safety Module provides the skills and knowledge necessary to keep the NEMT professional and their clients safe while providing non-emergency medical transportation services.


In addition to First Aid and Hands Only CPR, this course teaches the NEMT professional proper body mechanics, good posture and safe lifting techniques. It also teaches how to observe clients for signs and symptoms of illness (mental and physical) and when to seek further medical assistance.


Module includes the following segments:

  • Hands Only CPR

  • AED and First Aid Presentation

  • Blood Borne Pathogens

Minibus on the Road


The Driver Training Module is a comprehensive education program specifically designed for the NEMT professional. The training will focus on safe driving techniques, injury prevention and customer safety.

Module includes the following segments:

  • Safe Vehicle Operations for the NEMT Professional

  • Transporting People in Wheelchairs -Awareness Level

  • Back Injuries and Safe Lifting Techniques

  • Ethics for the NEMT Professional

  • Understanding Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Orders

  • Violence in the Workplace

  • Fraud Waste and Abuse